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At Native Roots Market, you will find a hand-picked selection of some of the best foods from the great state of Oklahoma and beyond. Our local offerings include seasonal produce picked fresh from Oklahoma farms; a variety of meats raised the old-fashioned way including certified-organic beef, black-angus beef, pork, chicken, buffalo, and lamb; locally roasted coffee; honey; mustards; jams and jellies; pickled vegetables and relishes; fresh baked bread; hormone-free dairy; salsas; and much more representing over 70 artisan food producers from across our state.

You’ll also find a great selection of organic staples such as fine oils and vinegars, pastas, cereals, canned goods, juices, teas, bulk foods, and snacks. At our spice bar, we feature over 120 spices in bulk and create fresh spice blends in house. We also carry environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, paper products, pet food, beauty and wellness products.


Fresh Spices • Efficient Quantities • Original Spice Blends

The Spice Bar at Native Roots Market exists to provide you with the spices you need in an efficient quantity. If you need a 1/4 teaspoon of fennel, we can do that. If you need a single nutmeg or bay leaf, we can do that too. No more buying dozens of jars of spices that will sit on your spice rack untouched for the next ten years. Let us help you create the best food with the freshest spices. All of our spices are priced by the ounce, contact the store for current prices and availability.



Spice Blends

We make our own custom spice blends in house. Spice Cowboy Doug is always happy to make your own custom mix as well.

All-Purpose Seasoned Salt – Just as the name suggests, this seasoned salt can be used in any dish. Sprinkle it on when you need that extra kick and you’re not quite sure what to use.

Ancho Chili Powder – Ancho chiles provide the base for this simple chili powder, along with onion, garlic, and oregano. This robust blend is our best-selling chili powder, and could be used in many capacities, but makes an excellent pot of chili! Normally mild, we are happy to make it extra spicy for those who love the burn.  

Beau Monde – A European-style seasoning salt in which nutmeg, celery, allspice, and bay stand out above the other ingredients. This blend is appropriate for any dish with celery and onions, and can even stand alone as the main ingredient in a vegetable dip.

Berbere  – This is a traditional Ethiopian spice blend that incorporates similar flavor profiles as some curries (namely the familiar aromas of fenugreek and cardamom), while being very spicy and unique in it’s own right. Berbere can be rubbed on meats, or stewed with vegetables. It can also be made into a paste or a sauce using eggs, oils, wine, mayo, or even mustard!

Bouquet Garni – This is a traditional French stewing blend of herbs that also adds a little something extra to your salad. It can also be effective on steamed veggies, in pasta dishes, or as simple garnish for a side of rice or lentils.

Cajun Blackening Seasoning – Similar to the Cajun-style seasonings we are all accustomed to, but with a much stronger flavor and higher-quality ingredients. Rub this deeply into your chicken, pork, fish, or favorite meat substitute before cooking, and sear every surface on very high heat to achieve the desired effect. This can also be sprinkled on top of potatoes, and can really kick up a side of stewed or fried okra.

Caribbean Jerk Seasoning  – A familiar blend of allspice, coriander, brown sugar, and spicy habanero peppers. This is the ‘Americanized’ version of Jerk seasoning – meant as a dry rub for chicken or pork.

Cayman Islands Spiced Salt – This is our most popular seasoned salt. Nutmeg, cloves, onion powder, and thyme, make for a powerful combination that will be a great seasoning for grilled chicken or fish. We’ve found it is amazing on wild rice, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, and steamed veggies.

Chado Curry  – A very nice couple came to the spice bar one day, with a great story about their son Chad having been in Japan, at a kabob restaurant, challenging the chef to serve up some curried kabobs that were spicier than anything he had ever made. This dish became known as the Chado Curry, and when they went to visit their son, they very much enjoyed this dish that was named for him. Upon returning they found they still craved it, so they came to the spice bar to request a uniquely spicy red curry powder, and we’ve been working on perfecting the recipe ever since. A little more earthy and less complex than many curries, this blend is our spiciest curry by far – but less aromatic and therefore better for dishes with strong flavor than for plain rice.

Chat Masala – This is a traditional Indian finishing spice. Often sprinkled on pakoras (fried vegetable appetizers), it contains very subtle flavor profiles that don’t challenge the palate, or overpower the flavors of any dish. Makes a good garnish, should not be overused.

Chili Garlic Salt – A seasoning salt for Tex-Mex fare; or add some zing to your omelet. This works anywhere you need a little garlic-chili love.

Chinese Five Spice – A spicy and savory blend including the famous Sichuan Peppercorn, essential for Chinese cooking.

Chorizo Seasoning – Use this blend to make spicy Mexican-style sausage. Works best with pork, but can be used with any meat or meat substitute.

Doug’s Chili Powder (seasonal) – Many people (including myself) love to eat chili all year long – so I tailor my chili powder accordingly. This is a flavorful and complex blend that includes notes of cilantro and lime in the spring and summer, and notes of cinnamon and allspice (with added heat) in the fall and winter.

Doug’s Famous Southwest Rub – This rub has been enjoyed from Hawaii all the way to the East Coast! A secret blend of spices (including Mexican oregano and New Mexican red chile flakes) are what cause this meat rub to remind one of the rustic, wooded hills on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. Meant for chicken, fish, or pork, customers have told me they enjoy this rub on potatoes, in bean and rice dishes, and on steaks and burgers!

Doug’s Game Day Grill Rub – Tested on tail-gating OU football fans, this is our first original seasoning. A well-balanced blend of salt, pepper, onion, garlic, and herbs perfect for seasoning a steak, but just as effective on veggie burgers or grilled squash, eggplant, etc.

Fines Herbes – among the lighter and more delicate French herb blends – this one is sweet and slightly pungent (thanks to marjoram and dried chives). Used for soups, stews, on veggies, salads, or slow-roasted meats.

Garlic Lime Pepper – Everyone has had lemon pepper on a chicken or fish filet, but few have heard of garlic lime pepper. Use it anywhere you’d use lemon pepper and anywhere else you feel it’s appropriate. My recommendation is; any Tex-Mex dish, omelets, roasted vegetables, anything with chicken or seafood.

Garlic Salt – Familiar favorite with a plethora of uses. We use high grade sea salt and the best quality garlic powder.

Gourmet Celery Salt – To be used the same as any celery salt, ours is handmade and of the best available quality.

Gourmet Chicken Rub – This blend is carried by sage and peppercorns, with onion, garlic, and hints of dill and tarragon to bring it home. It makes a wonderful grilled or broiled chicken breast – best served alongside wild rice and a fresh salad.

Gourmet Italian Seasoning – More complex than Italian Herbs – bringing garlic, dried shallots, dehydrated bell pepper, and subtle notes of fennel into the mix for a full Italian flavor effect. Rub down a chicken breast, sprinkle onto bread or a pasta dish anytime you’re craving Italian!

Gourmet Salt and Pepper #5 – This has become our most requested spice blend.  Hand-crafted in small batches, cured for weeks before being put on the shelf, this is the ultimate salt and pepper blend.  We cure three different types of peppercorns with wet sea salt, so the salt actually soaks up the flavor of the peppercorns! Then, we mix in Maldon flake salt for texture.

Herbal Meat Rub – A great rub for red meat – think old European/ French steakhouse style. Chervil, Rosemary, Thyme, and Marjoram dominate this blend – which could also season a hearty stew. Try it on steaks, roasts, or even grilled veggies!

Herbes de Provence – A classic mix of herbs from France; used widely to season meats, dressings, sauces, and of course, hearty European stews.

Italian Garlic Salt – Just like the name says, this is a seasoning salt with Italian herbs and garlic – an easy way to bring Italian zest to a variety of dishes. Try it on fried onions and potatoes, garlic bread, or any dish that even hints at pasta.

Italian Herbs – The quintessential blend of herbs including basil, oregano, thyme, and rosemary that can be used for any pasta dish, pizza, garlic bread, spaghetti sauce – even sandwiches and salads.

Japenese Seven Spice –  Also known as Shichimi Togarashi, this traditional seasoning means “seven flavor chili” and is one of the most popular seasonings for a table condiment in Japan. 

Julia Child – This is our handmade version of the all-purpose seasoning made famous by its namesake, Julia Child. Her recipe books often call for this mix, and we have a hand-blended version made here from the freshest and highest quality spices available.

Julie’s Irish Potato Rub –Developed specially as a tribute to the Irish heritage of one of our regular customers, this complex blend (including toasted onion flakes, red bell pepper pieces, basil, and thyme) is a great rub for oven-roasted potatoes.

Kansas City BBQ Rub – All of our barbecue rubs are going to make good barbecue. Folks in this part of the country know that Kansas City is one of the best places in the world to find barbecue, so we’ve included a K.C. style rub to honor that aspect of regional food culture. This is our most complex barbecue seasoning, not as sweet as some, heavier on sage and coriander than others, with a garlic and Hungarian paprika base that makes it great for varied uses as well as a fabulous rub for grilled or smoked meat.

Kashmiri Style Curry – This is one of the few blends we make that includes saffron, the world’s most expensive spice.  It is a north-Indian curry reminiscent of the way curry has been prepared for royalty in the region for many years. This is noticeably different from the common south-Indian and British style curries that the Western palate is used to.

Lemon Pepper – Our hand-made version of the classic blend we are so familiar with. Countless culinary uses such as lemon-pepper chicken or fish fillets, add zest to a dressing or a soup, you can even try it in a batch of homemade salsa or guacamole!

Mediterranean Seasoned Salt – This seasoning salt is meant for fresh, Mediterranean-style dishes including beef and lamb dishes, seafood, light soups, salads, and of course a plethora of fresh vegetables

Melange Classique – Found commonly in Western Europe, this very versatile blend is designed for casseroles, quiches, and omelets.

Mulling Spices – A holiday tradition – we make cups that will brew one bottle of mulled wine, or larger bags that will do a gallon. Including cardamom, cinnamon, allspice, and cloves – we recommend that you add your own fresh orange zest and sliced ginger. Also look for Glogg – a Scandinavian version!

No-Salt Seasoned Salt – A salt-free all purpose seasoning meant to replace common seasoning salts found in most American spice cabinets. Use on everything!

Oven Roasted Potato Seasoning – This was developed as a response to a request by a customer trying to do what so many of us are trying to do – replace conventional, store-bought food products with natural, local, or ethical versions. She bought packages of seasoning for oven-roasted potatoes that her family always loved – so I put together a recipe that can be rubbed onto potato wedges, roasted in the oven, and enjoyed by all!

Pizza Seasoning – More complex than a regular Italian herb blend, this incorporates extra rosemary, greek oregano, garlic, and bell pepper flakes. Also great in other hearty Italian dishes.

Pork Roast Seasoning – Just like the name says, this rub is great for a pork roast to be slow-cooked in an oven, crock-pot, or even in a smoker! This could also be a good rub for pork loin or chops.

Poultry Seasoning – This is a classic Euro-American poultry seasoning that can work well for a roast chicken, is perfect for roast duck or turkey, and can add zest to almost any other poultry dish. Vegetarians and Vegans can liven up their Tofurky or other poultry substitute products.

Ranch Dressing Mix – Make your own buttermilk ranch dressing with this blend of herbs and spices – or use mayo, sour cream, or yogurt cheese to create a ranch dip for chips or veggies. Always popular!

Reynosa Blend – This blend was created as an all-purpose south of the border seasoning.  It’s not a replacement for taco seasoning, it is much brighter and fresher than that!  Including garlic, onion, and bell pepper flakes, rosemary, and beans, or as a rub for chicken or pork, or sprinkled on a Mexican salad!

Roots Greek Spice – Liven up a Greek salad, lamb chops, grilled veggies, or potentially any dish with this unique blend of herbs and spices.  With Greek Oregano, mint, Mediterranean thyme, cumin, onion, and lemon zest this traditional Greek blend can be useful for a great many dishes. This is our best blend for lamb no matter how it is to be prepared.

 Sal de Barrio  – This is a spicy seasoning salt which is a must-have for anyone doing south-of-the-border cooking. It is modeled after a traditional recipe of which any given Hispanic family may keep a variation on hand at all times. Mexican oregano and hot chile peppers (along with onion and garlic) form the basis of this seasoning salt.  Translation:  “Salt of the Neighborhood.”

Smokey Chipotle Chili Powder  – Chili powders are used in all kinds of recipes, from grill rubs to casseroles, Tex-Mex omelets and other dishes, to a good old-fashioned pot of chili. This is a smokey flavored chili powder incorporating the ever-popular Chipotle chile pepper (which is simply a smoked jalapeno) which can be used in all the ways a traditional chili powder is used. Add a spicy, smokey kick to any dish – or make a mouth-watering pot of chili with your favorite meat or meat substitute.

Spicy Taco Seasoning  – Homemade tacos are a popular meal for all ages as well as fairly cheap, quick, and easy to prepare. Our cups of taco seasoning make about a pound of taco meat (just like the packets that conventional stores carry) but ours are handmade from much fresher, higher-quality herbs and spices! The spicy version contains cayenne powder. Also available in mild: see “Taco Seasoning.”

Stew Seasoning – A hearty stew has never been easier to prepare with our all-purpose stew seasoning. Bay leaf, allspice, tarragon, red bell peppers, and a select few other herbs and spices make this a perfect addition to any meaty or vegetarian-friendly stew. Add 3-4 tablespoons of this blend for every pound of meat or meat substitute in your stew – make sure and let it simmer on low for at least thirty minutes before taking it off the burner, it will bring all of your flavors together!

Suzanne’s Secret BBQ Seasoning – Suzanne lived upstairs when we first opened the store and would come down to work with me on developing unique blends for her entries in various cooking competitions. This is a sweet and smoky barbecue seasoning that is absolutely perfect for grilled meat – especially pork. This seasoning is also good enough to sprinkle on roasted nuts or any other dish that needs a smoky BBQ kick.

Suzanne’s Secret Chili Powder – Suzanne’s chili powder is very unique. The absence of cloves and cumin make room for the unconventional presence of allspice and cinnamon. This chili powder works best with ground beef, buffalo, or venison simmered on low for a long while, in the traditional Tex-Mex “Chili con Carne” style.

Svaneti Salt – This is a Russian seasoning salt – incorporating caraway seeds, fenugreek, and hot chile flakes, it is meant for root vegetables (think cold climate food) such as potatoes, beets, etc…  As with any seasoning salt – it should be useful on a great variety of dishes.

Taco Seasoning – A milder version of our Spicy Taco Seasoning. Each cup makes about a pound of taco meat or meat substitute.

Tandoori Seasoning – Without a traditional tandoor it can be very difficult to mimic the aromatic Indian style of cooking. This seasoning is meant as a rub that can go on roasted meats and veggies. It can only be misused if you roast it too long – spices are no good when they scorch!

Texas BBQ Seasoning – Barbecue varies greatly by region. This is the closest thing to a local version of traditional barbecue seasoning for our part of the country – not as sweet as its counterparts to the north and east – great for beef brisket!

Tikka Masala – Chicken Tikka Masala is the most popular curry dish outside of India (it was actually developed in Great Britain!) – and this is a dry spice mix that can be used to make it in the traditional way (which is relatively complicated) or simply used as a dry rub for meats or veggies. Make a batch of ghee with this blend – or a simple side of rice.  Tikka Masala is tasty no matter how you use it! Vegetarians, try Mushroom Tikka Masala!

Traditional Bay Seasoning – “Old Bay” is well-known among seafood lovers or anyone who has spent much time near Chesapeake Bay. We have developed a handmade blend made from our high-quality spices that is an alternative to Old Bay. It incorporates many complex flavors such as Bay leaves, cloves, celery seed, paprika, allspice, and mustard to bring zest to seafood or steamed veggies – and has been used widely on fried potatoes and other popular side dishes.

Traditional Jerk Seasoning  – To be used with olive oil and lime juice, this will make an excellent chicken or pork dish. This is less complex than it’s commercialized counterpart and more true to the roadside roasting stands that form the true backbone of “jerk” style food in Jamaican culture.

Tunisian Five Spice – Also known as “Qalat Daqqa,” this blend is used traditionally for lamb dishes, roasts, and vegetable stews. It’s particularly fitting for winter squash, eggplant, and chickpeas.  Peppercorns, cloves, and grains of paradise form the base of this blend which can actually be applied to a great number of dishes.

Wat – Wat is a traditional African stew incorporating unique regional spices with a few that have come to Africa for hundreds of years through the old spice trade routes.  Our “Wat” seasoning is a generic blend of the appropriate ingredients – including Balinese Long Peppercorns, cloves, nutmeg, and grains of paradise.

West African Pepper Blend – As with most African spice blends peppercorns form the backbone, and the ginger, nutmeg, or cardamom additions are afterthoughts on the palate.  This particular blend is mostly peppercorns – several different kinds – as well as grains of paradise with a hint of ginger. It is meant for grilled meats or vegetables, but would make an excellent lamb roast, and can be mixed with fresh onions, garlic, and oil to make a wonderful paste.

West Indian Masala – The people of India have brought their uniquely spiced foods to all parts of the world. This blend comes from the West Indies (Caribbean) from communities of transplanted Indians. This is a great blend reminiscent of classic curry powders, though its effect on the palate is brighter and better suited for cooking with fresh seafood and other ingredients indigenous to the tropics.

Western Seasoning Salt  – A simple seasoning salt incorporating rosemary and hot red chile peppers – is applicable to virtually ANY dish that can be called a part of “Western cuisine.” It will liven up anything from soups and stews to pot roast, meat loaf, a simple side dish of vegetables, roasted potatoes, or anything fried!

Yellow Curry – The classic dry spice blend originating from England and inspired completely by the traditional Indian style of cooking. This is the ‘conventional’ curry powder that most people are used to buying.



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