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At Native Roots Market, you will find a hand-picked selection of some of the best foods from the great state of Oklahoma and beyond. Our local offerings include seasonal produce picked fresh from Oklahoma farms; a variety of meats raised the old-fashioned way including certified-organic beef, black-angus beef, pork, chicken, buffalo, and lamb; locally roasted coffee; honey; mustards; jams and jellies; pickled vegetables and relishes; fresh baked bread; hormone-free dairy; salsas; and much more representing over 70 artisan food producers from across our state.

You’ll also find a great selection of organic staples such as fine oils and vinegars, pastas, cereals, canned goods, juices, teas, bulk foods, and snacks. At our spice bar, we feature over 120 spices in bulk and create fresh spice blends in house. We also carry environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, paper products, pet food, beauty and wellness products.


World Traveler


World Traveler

For the person who tries everything.

"What do you want for dinner?" This is a question that most of us dread. You either have absolutely no idea or are wondering how you could ever choose! If you're in the latter category like us, it's important to have some staple spices on hand that incorporate well with a variety of exotic dishes. One of our favorites is a good curry.

The world of curry is very big and can be confusing. From southeastern Asia through India, over to Great Britain down to the Caribbean, what we know of curry has come through a long line of influence and evolution. At Native Roots, we make curry powders that draw on several of these elements.

West Indian Masala reflects the influence of people who moved to the Caribbean from the Indian subcontinent. Tikka Masala is a British invention which was influenced by their exposure to Indian cuisine in the colonial period, yielding a serious and very popular chicken dish found in many Indian restaurants in the west.
We have a south Indian-derived yellow curry powder as well as north Indian-derived Kashmiri Curry powder which features the rare and expensive saffron flower among its ingredients. We also make a curry influenced by the Japanese take on curry, called Chado Curry. It's extremely spicy, also earthy and rich, featuring a flavor of toasted sesame seeds and hot Asian chili peppers.
Curry powders can be used for grilling, or used in more traditional ways to fry vegetables and meat in oil. They can be cooked down quickly in broths ranging from light to creamy, applied to roasted ingredients, or simply sprinkled on some steamed vegetables, rice, or added to soup! Ingredients are too many and variable to list, but our curry powders vary in heat levels and are completely free of salt and sugar!
Thai Chicken Curry
Bring the world into your kitchen with this recipe for Thai Chicken Curry! This dish isn't just delicious, but only requires a single pot. Talk about easy cleanup! Keep heated in a crockpot and serve over rice for your next party!
Paint the Town Green
Stoked for St. Patrick's Day? Join us at the Oklahoma City O'City Parade, March 12 at 11 a.m. It'll begin downtown and end in Bricktown, featuring live music, delicious food, craft drinks, and fun for everyone! 

2nd Street Jazz Crawl

Stop by on Tuesdays 5-7 p.m. for some swanky tunes.

As you all know, we're crazy about our community. Stop by for Deuce Days on Tuesdays for local restaurant and boutique deals followed by an evening of smooth jazz! As weather permits, come pregame with us during rush hours, 5-7 p.m. and enjoy being serenaded by a variety of talented local musicians!


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