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At Native Roots Market, you will find a hand-picked selection of some of the best foods from the great state of Oklahoma and beyond. Our local offerings include seasonal produce picked fresh from Oklahoma farms; a variety of meats raised the old-fashioned way including certified-organic beef, black-angus beef, pork, chicken, buffalo, and lamb; locally roasted coffee; honey; mustards; jams and jellies; pickled vegetables and relishes; fresh baked bread; hormone-free dairy; salsas; and much more representing over 70 artisan food producers from across our state.

You’ll also find a great selection of organic staples such as fine oils and vinegars, pastas, cereals, canned goods, juices, teas, bulk foods, and snacks. At our spice bar, we feature over 120 spices in bulk and create fresh spice blends in house. We also carry environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, paper products, pet food, beauty and wellness products.


Native Roots Market is for people who love to eat local.

When you shop here every week you become part of a whole story that starts at the root –

from farmers who are your neighbors { or at least only a country drive away } to a family grocer that makes meaningful choices.

Take our buffalo filet for instance.
It’s farm direct and frankly, amazing.

Take our seasonal produce.
Our Little Red Barn Lettuce comes off the loveliest little farm truck – crisp and sweet.

Or when the best asparagus comes in { in May of course } it actually tastes like spring.

When a customer bites into one of our farmer’s strawberries,
it’s like they’ve never tasted one before.

And that’s local.
That’s the root.

How you stock your pantry, how you prepare a meal, how you feed yourself and the ones you love –
it could just be the root of happiness.

Or at least, at Native Roots Market we think our family has found it.

It’s the farmers we shake hands with every day.
It’s the red brick walls of our store, the smiles we share, the community we support –

and just the smell of something special, which is either the the peaches that came in that morning
or the spices in the back { we never quite agree which is the most wonderful }.

But one thing we all agree on,
is that your table will simply never be the same once you taste true local.


131 NE 2nd St., Oklahoma City, OK 73104

(405) 601-2505

M-F 7am-10pm  |  Sat 8am-10pm  |  Sun 10am-7pm


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